Using The Sexual and Reproductive Health Activities Map

Help Sections

Finding Places

Type in the name or address of a place. Then select the location you are interested in from the dropdown
Alternatively, click on the map area you want to go to. The + and - zoom in and out


Facilities and Institutions

On a municipal level, point data showing various health facilities and education institutions can be viewed.

The points are coloured coded according to the facilities they belong to. The Filter menu towards the right of the map shows the colour key

  • Public Health Facilities
  • Private Pharmacies
  • Marie Stopes Facilities
  • Higher Education Institutions
  • Basic Education Institutions

By default, all the points from the various facilities and institutions are shown, the filter menu can be toggeled to only reveal the interested facility type

Hovering over a point, will reveal the name of the facility and clicking the point will show the profile of the point

Point Profile Page

The profile point page will provide more details about a particular point, the below image shows details about a school.

For health facilities, as shown below,services that are provided by the facility can be viewed.


Campaign Areas

Geographical areas that are shaded in a different colour indicate that an organisation or campaign is working in that region. In the below example the She Conquers Campaign is operating in the City of Johannesburg metro and the Emfuleni municipality


The Sexual and Reproductive Health Activities map also showcases organisations that are either working in facilities or across regions.

When viewing information about a region eg: Eastern Cape Province ,towards the bottom of the profile page there is a section called Organisations in the Area. This shows a list of organisations that are currently working in the province.

To view more details about the organisation and its activities, click on the organisations name, a new page will open up showing more detailed descriptions about what the organisations activities are and which facilities they will be working in.

More Queries

For more queries, please email activities4srh