South Africa

Health Facilities

Name Address Latitude Longitude Settlement Unit Facility Code Has Geocode Dataset
Marie Stopes East London 14 St Matthews Rd. Belgravia, Southernwood, East London -33.002639 27.898714 Urban HSF11732 marie_stopes
Marie Stopes Port Elizabeth 444 Govan Mbeki Avenue, 4th floor (elevator next to Jet), Pier 14 Shopping Centre, ‎Port Elizabeth -33.950657 25.608055 Urban HSF11733 marie_stopes
Marie Stopes Bloemfontein 16 Huguenot St., Bloemfontein -29.125833 26.20751 Urban HSF11734 marie_stopes
Marie Stopes Gandhi Gandhi Square, ‎Marshalls Town, Rissik & Main Street, Johannesburg -26.206579 28.043397 Urban HSF11735 marie_stopes
Marie Stopes Midrand HCU First Floor, Halfway House Centre Cnr. North & Old Pretoria Roads, Midrand, Johannesburg -25.996916 28.12813 Urban HSF11736 marie_stopes
Marie Stopes Pretoria 373 Johannes Ramokhoase St‎reet‎, Between DuToit St. and Prinsloo St., Pretoria -25.743089 28.196151 Urban HSF11737 marie_stopes
Marie Stopes Sandton 18 Peter Place‎, Lyme Park, Bryanston,‎ Sandton, Jonannesburg -26.080131 28.013774 Urban HSF11738 marie_stopes
Marie Stopes Soweto Black Chain Centre, Chris Hani Road, Diepkloop, Soweto -26.257974 27.94308 Urban HSF11739 marie_stopes
Marie Stopes Springs HCU Shop U18A, Springs Mall, Casseldale Extension 4, Wit Road, Springs -26.276066 28.453924 Urban HSF11740 marie_stopes
Marie Stopes Ballito HCU Shop 657A, Ballito Junction Mall, Cnr Ballito & Leonora Dr, Ballitoville, Durban -29.984544 30.926482 Urban HSF11741 marie_stopes
Marie Stopes Durban 36 Botanic Gardens, Road ‎‎Berea, Durban‎ -29.856222 31.00362 Urban HSF11742 marie_stopes
Clicks Riverside B Pharm -26.734119 27.838205 Urban Pharmacy HSF10277 private_pharmacies
Riverside Clinic -30.0844 29.71081 Rural Clinic HSF65 public_health
Kulani Clinic -23.0911 30.03227 Rural Clinic HSF86 public_health
Phahameng Clinic -25.7221 28.3926 Urban Clinic HSF1784 public_health
Mvoti Clinic -30.1153 29.52058 Rural Clinic HSF7281 public_health
Ingogo Clinic -27.5916 29.90522 Peri-Urban Clinic HSF6975 public_health
Wells Estate Clinic -33.8227 25.63385 Urban Clinic HSF5855 public_health
Mvubukazi Clinic -30.2603 29.88225 Rural Clinic HSF7282 public_health
Clicks Northvaal Pharm -25.745017 28.18956 Urban Pharmacy/Clinic HSF10294 private_pharmacies
Mgwalana Clinic -32.7551 26.96204 Rural Clinic HSF383 public_health
KwaDukuza Gateway Clinic -29.3426 31.28914 Urban Clinic HSF7304 public_health
Fezeka NU 3 Clinic -32.9319 27.75319 Urban Clinic HSF430 public_health
Ndevana Clinic -32.9098 27.50695 Urban Clinic HSF458 public_health
Welcomewood Clinic -33.0091 27.59793 Rural Clinic HSF495 public_health